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Quick to respond to the emergency

The Rescue & Recover Fund’s first goal is to provide, through its four partner associations, emergency assistance to the victims of humanitarian and environmental disasters around the world. And this is achieved thanks to the generosity of its 20,000 donors across the globe.


Emergency response supported by the Fund

Floods in Pakistan (2022)

Ukrainian crisis (2022)

Cyclone in Madagascar (2021)

Haïti earthquake (2021)

Hurricane Ida (2021)

Floods in Europe (2021)

Covid-19 India (2021)

Explosion in Lebanon (2020)

Covid-19 France and World (2020)

Wildfire in Australia (2019)

Cyclone in Mozambique (2019)

Wildfire in California (2018)

Tsunami in Indonesia (2018)

Earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia (2018)

Floods in India (2018)

Volcanic eruption in Guatemala (2018)

Earthquake in Mexico (2017)

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey (2017)

Fire in California (2017)

Fire in Portugal (2017)

Hurricane Matthew (2016)

Earthquake Italy (2016)

Floods India Chennai (2015)

Earthquake in Nepal (2015)

Cyclone in Vanuatu (2015)

Global refugee crisis (2015)

Floods in India (2014)

Floods in the Balkans (2014)

Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines (2013)

Floods in India (2013)