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Partner associations

All the donations raised by the Rescue & Recover Fund are doubled by BNP Paribas and donated in full to our partner associations on the field.


50 years of harmonious coexistence between animals and people

The International Fund for Animal Welfare is a global organization created in 1969 which helps animals and people to coexist harmoniously. IFAW treats and releases animals, and restores and protects their natural habitats, especially following the onset of disasters, but also by educating citizens and combating poaching and trafficking of endangered species.


BNP Paribas
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MÉDECINS SANS FRONTIÈRES (Doctors Without Borders)

A major player in international medical assistance

MSF provides medical assistance to populations whose lives or health are at risk, mainly as a result of conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters or the absence of healthcare. Founded in 1971 in Paris, MSF is an association that is independent of all political, military or religious authorities and acts with complete impartiality after assessing the medical needs of the populations.


A key partner in the fight against poverty

Founded in 1945, CARE is present in 84 countries for 122 million people. This apolitical and non-denominational humanitarian association works to help victims and to empower the poorest populations. Through the active participation of beneficiaries and local associations, CARE works on the structural causes of poverty: access to economic and food security, healthcare, education, housing, water and sanitation.


Humanising life and providing support towards autonomy

The Red Cross responds to disasters through precise and rapid intervention, but also provides numerous ongoing support programmes: disaster risk reduction, access to healthcare, water and sanitation, food security and the fight against AIDS. Born on the battlefield of Solferino to provide assistance without discrimination to the wounded, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement protects the lives and health of vulnerable populations in 188 countries.