BNP Paribas endowment fund

37,830 euros donated

In September 2014, the state of Jammu and Kashmir faced the largest floods recorded in 60 years. In one week, the region received up to nine times more rain than normal. More than 3,000 villages were surrounded by water. In total, nearly 80% of the population of the 10 districts concerned is affected, i.e. more than 11 million people. The BNP Paribas Endowment Fund supported CARE’s activities

Thanks to donations from the Endowment Fund in particular, CARE has been able to implement the following actions:

  • Distribution of food and water packs: 500 households (about 3000 people)
  • Distribution of non-food items (mattresses, blankets, solar lamps...): 3,000 households (about 18,000 people)
  • Distribution of hygiene kits and awareness of good practices in 12 villages (more than 11,500 people sensitized)
  • Distribution of kits to 100 pregnant women.