BNP Paribas endowment fund

The past year has been particularly marked by destructive fires around the world, including in California. This US state ended the year devastated by the tragic Camp Fire in November that killed 85 people, making it the deadliest in the history of this state while more than 22,000 buildings were reduced to ashes during the year, double the previous year. The damage is estimated at several hundred million dollars. More than 250,000 people had to leave their homes.  The fund launched a local campaign supported by Bank Of The West, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas in the United States, thanks to its American donation platform.

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Red Cross

The American Red Cross quickly stepped up with its partners to bring relief and comfort to those whose lives were turned upside down. Red Cross teams helped provide safe shelter for all those displaced by the disaster, distributing hot meals and relief supplies directly to affected neighbourhoods. They also provided health services as well as emotional support. The objectives of the mission were :

  • Establishment of emergency reception centres
  • Emergency food distribution
  • Health Services
  • Supporting victims (both materially and psychologically)
  • Emergency financial support

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Red Cross