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On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, a violent earthquake of magnitude 6.2 struck central Italy, killing 298 people and causing extensive damage in Amatrice, Accumulie and Arquata del Tronto. Only the Red Cross intervened on this crisis, the other NGOs having no action on the spot.

Red Cross

All the donations collected as part of this campaign were donated to the French Red Cross, which transferred these donations to the Italian Red Cross so that it could deploy significant resources on the spot to rescue the missing: rescue teams, dog units, ambulances, logistics staff... A total of 450 volunteers were mobilized during the operations. The Italian Red Cross also provided emergency assistance to the shocked survivors to meet their basic needs: distribution of basic necessities (meals, hygiene products, clothing), health care, first aid and psychosocial support. Thanks to everyone's support, Red Cross volunteers were able to work on the ground day and night with the victims of the earthquake.

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Red Cross