BNP Paribas endowment fund


Make a donation to the Rescue & Recover Fund and reap the rewards.

  • If you are resident in France for tax purposes: 66% of your donations to the Rescue & Recover Fund are deductible against your income tax, up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income.
  • If you are resident in Luxembourg for tax purposes: 100% of the amount of your donations to the Rescue & Recover Fund is deductible from your taxable income, for an annual total of donations between € 120 and €1,000,000 or 20% of net income.
  • If you are resident in Belgium for tax purposes: Make a donation by bank transfer via the King Baudouin Foundation and receive a tax certificate to reduce the cost of your donation by 45% (from €40 upwards).


BNP Paribas
will double your gift


The payment cards currently accepted for making an online donation are CB, Visa and Mastercard. Once a donation has been made, a request to debit the bank account will be sent to the bank within 24 hours. The donation will be considered valid after confirmation from the bank payment centres. In accordance with current regulations, and in order to ensure the security and confidentiality of their information, the Rescue & Recover Fund website does not record donors' bank details. It is therefore the donor's responsibility to save and print their payment certificate if they wish to retain their bank details relating to the transaction.



The Rescue & Recover Fund website uses one of the most effective security systems currently on the market. Not only has it adopted the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption process, but it has also strengthened all scrambling and encryption processes in order to protect all sensitive data related to the payment methods as far as possible. The Rescue & Recover Fund never has access to confidential information regarding the means of payment. Only BNP Paribas - Mercanet possesses confidential information (card number and expiry date) which cannot be accessed by a third party.