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The 2017 earthquake in the state of Puebla in Mexico and magnitude 7.1 is lower than that of the previous earthquake that hit the country 2 weeks earlier, but the death toll is much higher with 369 dead and more than 5,400 injured. The earthquake occurred 32 years to the day after the 1985 Mexico City earthquake killed 10,000 people. The majority of the victims were buried following the collapse of several buildings, including schools. BNP Paribas employees in Mexico wanted to mobilise their colleagues through the Rescue & Recover Fund through a local emergency campaign.

Red Cross

The Mexican Red Cross mobilized in the hours following the tragedy to help those affected by the disaster by deploying its response in more than 661
communities in the 8 states of the country. It mobilized its resources and dispatched first responders to the scene to provide pre-hospital care and support search operations to rescue victims buried under the rubble. The teams were able to distribute:

  • 30,000 rollaway beds
  • 5,000 tents
  • 41,000 hot meals
  • 500,000 storage, hygiene and cleaning kits
  • 5 million litres of water

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Red Cross