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In early September 2017, Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean and the United States. With winds of more than 300km/h, it wiped out most electrical, health and communication infrastructure and caused more than ?50 billion in damage. The Rescue & Recover Fund has mobilized by launching an international emergency campaign with all BNP Paribas Group.


The impacted areas extend over more than 800 kilometers of coastline. More than a million Cubans have been evacuated from their homes. Housing, sanitation, electrical and communication facilities are severely damaged, and the agricultural sector is in difficulty. The objectives of the mission focused on:

  • Improving access to water and hygiene conditions for the most affected families and reducing the risk of spreading water-related diseases such as cholera.
  • The provision of basic household equipment adapted to the needs of the different members of the family.
  • Providing materials, tools and educational guides for families and communities to rebuild the roofs of houses


Red Cross

The Red Cross intervened on the island of Saint Martin, in fact, the entire island was affected with 85% of houses destroyed or damaged and 10,000 people homeless. As the island's relief efforts were themselves affected, aid to the population was very slowed down. Communications and electricity were completely cut off following the passage of the hurricane, so the desalination plants were shut down, resulting in a total absence of drinking water. The objectives of the teams were to:

  • Distribute water, food and basic necessities
  • Create of 12 water tanks
  • Implement of actions to restore family links
  • Raise awareness about hygiene
  • Set up marauding
  • Provide psycho-social, legal and health support
Red Cross