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While 300 people lost their lives and 12,000 more had to leave their homes, in total more than 1.7 million people have been affected by this disaster. A blanket of ash followed by violent mudflows due to the arrival of the rainy season have completely destroyed crops and disrupted the country's agricultural production.

Following the campaign launched after the deadly volcanic eruption that hit Guatemala in June, almost 60,000 euros has been donated to our partner NGOs, thanks to the generosity of BNP Paribas and its staff.


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Initiatives on the ground supported by the Rescue & Recover Fund

In addition to searching for victims, and given the large-scale displacement of communities, primary needs that can be supported include shelters and household items such as mattresses and blankets, as many families sleep outdoors, without protection. The short- and medium-term priorities also include providing assistance in terms of access to water, sanitation and hygiene, food security and protection - in particular for women and girls at risk of sexual violence.