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At the beginning, the Rescue & Recover Fund intervened in case of natural disaster such as cyclones, earthquakes or floods not directly related to climate change by that time. However, we recently notice an increase of more violent and unusal climatic events. In order to give an answer to this new urgence, the fund inegrated IFAW (international fund for animal welfare) as a new partner. The 4 NGO now act in cooperation on all topics : health, first aid, economy, environment… Through development campaigns,  the Rescue & Recover Fund was a pioneer to highlight current issues. In 2014, the fund supported refugees, in 2018, the campaign was focusing on climate adaptation. And more recently, the fund supported women and isolated people. We help NGO to act on very current topics to whom all of our donators are sensitive. Moreover, throughout the years, ways to donate to the fund diversified: sport challenge, financial product… These last years, we testimonied crisis with a geater impact (covid 19, conflict in Ukraine…), more than ever, the NGO will need your support to carry on acting on the ground, as close as possible to the needs.

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