Fonds Urgence & Développement
Red Cross
To help the communities from risky zones to protect themselves, the madagascan Red Cross activated its emergency plan several days before the cyclone by mobilizing more than 400 volunteers and employees. The French Red Cross supported the local teams. Thanks to the campaign launched by the French Red Cross, 87 tonnes of humanitairan aid had been distributed by the PIROI (Indian Ocean Regional Intervention Platform). It contained tools to rebuild houses, hygiene kits and first aid products.
The local teams of CARE evaluated the damages and needs of the population. They identified 4 axes: food supply, rebuilding of housing and shelters, refurbishment of roads network, restoration of damaged hydraulic facilities. CARE distributed 2580 kitchen kits and 700 houses will be restored.
Doctors Without Borders

Since 1987, Doctors Without Borders intervenes to support the local health system ans teams. They deployed mobile clinics to provide first aid care. In order to support and restore the damaged health facilities, Doctors Without Borders provided medicines and logistical equipment. Finally, the teams are keeping a close eye on access to drinking water in remote areas, where the risk of infections is high.