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Faced with the health crisis we are experiencing today, BNP Paribas is launching an international campaign for donations aimed at all of its employees through the Rescue & Recover Fund, for the benefit of its partner CARE. All of the donations collected will finance its international fight against Covid-19.

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Indeed, the exponential growth of the disease in several developing countries, especially on the African continent, but also in India or Lebanon, is extremely worrying. Public health systems and infrastructure are very fragile in these countries and quickly overwhelmed. The challenges are all the greater in these regions as they are experiencing very high population density and often deteriorated urban planning conditions (human settlements, migrant camps, slums, uncontrolled urbanization?), usually without access to clean water or sanitation. In this environment, basic protective measures, such as social distancing and regular hand-washing, cannot be complied with. More than ever, in this unprecedented crisis, which affects us all, we must continue to stand together.

CARE is strongly mobilized in all the countries where it operates in Asia, Africa and America, through concrete actions to prevent and fight against COVID-19. It acts on various levers such as:

[one_half]Support for caregivers and people infected with COVID-19, through psychological support;

Food distribution security during breaks in the supply chain and the closing of food markets and stores;[/one_half]

[one_half]Hygiene information and promotion campaigns;

Water supply to allow regular hand-washing.[/one_half]